Why business should be interested in Parent Career Coaching!

Sunday, 05 November, 2017

So, what about business? Why should they be interested? We know that parents are the biggest influence on their child’s career. Parents tell us that they don’t feel they know enough about the new business landscape and, in particular, the many new jobs that are out there and routes to them. We also know that business finds it hard to reach parents and inform them of the opportunities they represent to a young person.

Is your young person ready to be coached? How do you know?

Sunday, 22 October, 2017

It is not what Careers are available that is important, but the “why” your child wants to do what they want to do and ”how” they approach realising the opportunity to do it.

Why should a young person be coached by a parent of all people - let alone when their career is at stake?

Thursday, 12 October, 2017

Career Coaching is now recognised as a developmental process which progresses over a lifetime and is an approach that gets the best out of people by improving their work and life choices. Life has changed since the 80’s, and young people and employees are now encouraged to ask the right questions and manage themselves effectively in a School, College, University or organisational setting. They feel it is their right to choose their career.

7 Career Myths

Tuesday, 03 October, 2017

When considering the future of work, parents may need to let go of some of the myths they’re carrying around and passing on to their children. Here are seven for you to think about!

Career ‘Aha’ Moments – Part of your Emotional Intelligence?

Saturday, 23 September, 2017

Can you as parents be the catalyst of “Aha Moments” for your children? Have you or your children already experienced such a moment?

Resilience and well-being in young people starts at home.

Friday, 15 September, 2017

How can you help your son or daughter to increase their career resilience, happiness and wellbeing?

Fostering curiosity – early career conversations

Friday, 08 September, 2017

We are all curious about what the future may hold for our children. However, career choices are based on what the young person’s skills, interests, values, personality and beliefs are. If you don’t know, then you should get curious because these elements hold the key to unlocking your young person’s potential.

Generation Fusion

Friday, 01 September, 2017

An article caught my attention the other day. It was written by a journalist, Sue James. She said “There’s no gap between generations now. Generation fusion has blurred the lines”.

Career decisions start early

Thursday, 24 August, 2017

Some decisions we make have an immediate and significant impact on our lives, and others can influence us long after the decisions are made. To ensure future career decisions are based on wise, early educational decisions, parents have told us they need to know when they should be prompting decisions with their child aligned to what is happing in schools at a given time.

Parent Career Coaching, a new approach to ensure a work ready generation

Thursday, 17 August, 2017

We cannot rely on a wholly neglected system of careers guidance and education that is currently failing to provide an adequate provision in most schools, colleges and universities. The speed of change in the world of work will not slow down to let the institutions catch up.”



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