Why business should be interested in Parent Career Coaching!

Sunday, 05 November, 2017

So, what about business? Why should they be interested? We know that parents are the biggest influence on their child’s career. Parents tell us that they don’t feel they know enough about the new business landscape and, in particular, the many new jobs that are out there and routes to them. We also know that business finds it hard to reach parents and inform them of the opportunities they represent to a young person.

7 Career Myths

Tuesday, 03 October, 2017

When considering the future of work, parents may need to let go of some of the myths they’re carrying around and passing on to their children. Here are seven for you to think about!

Career ‘Aha’ Moments – Part of your Emotional Intelligence?

Saturday, 23 September, 2017

Can you as parents be the catalyst of “Aha Moments” for your children? Have you or your children already experienced such a moment?



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Why should business be interested in Parent Career Coaching ? Please read our new blog. #PConsultancy…

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