Our expert coaching enables executives to reach new professional and personal heights, recognise their strengths and to achieve business and personal goals faster. Coaching develops the confidence needed to sustain behaviour change and personal growth in often turbulent organisational situations.

Common objectives and outcomes of our coaching programmes include increased management learning, achievement of personal and organisational goals and development of leadership qualities. However, whatever the aims, our coaching style is always client-centered, sensitive and tailored to the unique needs of the coachee.

The coaching process

  • Timescale - coaching usually takes place over a six month period, with a review at three months and six months. Typically, we suggest a two-hour session once a month but this is flexible. The coach offers telephone support between meetings.
  • Self Awareness - Building on the information from a pre-coaching questionnaire, we help executives carry out a personal audit to gain a clear understanding of skills and strengths and to identify development needs, potential and aspirations. This is done by using focused questioning, assessments and psychometric tools.
  • Self-development - The coach acts as a learning facilitator using an eclectic approach. Day-to-day situations and realistic business scenarios form the basis for applying best practice and encouraging sustained management learning. The coach gives specific feedback on behaviour, facilitates goal-setting and suggests relevant reading and research. Specific development opportunities may also be recommended within or external to the coaching process.

Our coaches are highly-trained with deep insight into how individuals manage personal change and how to shift external perceptions of behaviour. We have vast experience of working with both the private and public sectors: multi-nationals, government department and SMEs and with individual entrepreneurs. In all environments, we empower individuals to take positive action in life and work.

Our ideal coachee wants to learn and develop personally and professionally at pace and has a commitment to getting the best out of life and work. He or she is open to gaining a deeper understanding of self and others in order to become personally effective, make a difference and experience prosperity in whatever circumstances they choose.

Barbara Paterson
Director, Paterson Consultancy

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