Leadership Development

Paterson Consultancy’s services support leaders personally and professionally by bringing an experienced, objective voice to the challenges they face.

In tough economic times the spotlight focuses on leaders more than ever. Leaders need to manage themselves personally, keep a talented and engaged workforce motivated to share the organisation’s vision and values - and offer staff personal support to maximize performance even in times of change and crisis.

Our approach is creative, high-energy and effective. We provide individual coaching for personal development, including 360 degree assessment and feedback. We design board development events, strategic away days and workshops. If wanted we can incorporate experiential activities indoors and outside, including forum theatre.

We also provide bespoke events addressing the Leadership of Change and How to Engage and Motivate a Workforce.

Leadership topics that we have addressed:

  • Your role as leader.
  • Strategy development and execution.
  • Leadership or management?
  • First things first.
  • Communicating effectively internally and externally.
  • The leader as coach.
  • Leadership myths.
  • What is bad leadership?
  • Leading in difficult times.
  • The history and theories of leadership.
  • Leadership style.

We believe a key leadership skill is identifying and developing leadership talent in others, wherever individuals are in the organisation or the community.

Successful organisations in the 21st century will have to become more like incubators of leadership. Wasting talent will become increasingly costly in a world of rapid change. Developing that leadership will, in turn demand flatter and leaner structures along with less controlling and more risk taking cultures.

John Kotter

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